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Fws is an ongoing collection of poetry, creative non-fiction, visual art  and photography.  

We are currently reading for the Fall 2019 issue of fws:  journal of literature & art on the theme of "skin."  

We  are looking especially for metaphysically broad and thoughtful work  that speaks to how the work of becoming a formidable person in  the world  is done, especially the work of developing and living into  an individual  spirituality and an awakened consciousness that thrives  on authenticity  and deep self-compassion and compassion for the earth  and its people.

We look for work that tells the truth:  about victories and failures, about how to carry on.

We are also interested in work that engages and celebrates the  natural world, work that is  heart-opening, compassionate, an exploration of the human as lover & explorer of the inner world, champion of personal, spiritual growth  work, work that is compelling and tender, joyful or sad as the case may  be, but not unduly graphic or purposefully triggering to survivors of  trauma. 

The idea is simple:  send us work that provides respite, that uplifts, encourages and inspires.  

Please read some of what we have published here to familiarize yourself with our preferences before  submitting.  We read year-round and we are looking very forward to  reading you!   

We do not accept previously published work except by invitation.  If you submit to us simultaneously with another publisher, please notify us immediately of acceptance elsewhere.  

In your cover letter, include the name under which you wish to be published, your contact information, and a URL to which we might link, leading readers back to more of your work.

Work accepted for publication will be featured in a future edition of fws: journal of literature & art and may be published in a future print collection on Lulu or other print on demand format.  Your submission here grants permission for the print publication as well.  Rights remain with the author/artist with the agreement to credit formidable woman  and fws: journal of literature & art as having first published the work.

Work by any writer or artist over the age of eighteen is welcome. 

Please submit no more than 3-5 poems or no more than 1,000 words of creative non-fiction in a word document using Times New Roman 12 point font, single spaced, except in poetry where spacing is used to create form and meaning.

While there is no reading fee, your tip in the tip jar is deeply appreciated as we do incur many expenses to maintain this work (URL and internet, printer ink, WordPress use, to name a few and not to mention the time and energy of our volunteer editors)   

Deadline for the Fall 2019 issue:  October 1, 2019

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d. ellis phelps, managing editor