Personal essays, poetry, original fine art, & photography by and for women, empowering, encouraging, educating, & inspiring.  

We are looking especially for metaphysically broad and thoughtful work that speaks to how the work of becoming a formidable woman in the world is done, especially the work of developing and living into an individual spirituality and an awakened consciousness that thrives on authenticity and deep self-compassion.

Tell the truth:  about victories and failures, about how to carry on.  Try to keep submissions under 1,000 words. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or previously published work.  

Include the name under which you wish to be published, your contact information, and a url to which we might link, leading readers back to more of your work.

Work accepted for publication will be featured on the blog, formidable woman and may be published in a future collection on Lulu or other print on demand format.  Your submission here grants permission for the print publication as well.  Rights remain with the author/artist with the agreement to credit formidable woman as having first published the work.

You must identify as female and be at least eighteen years of age to submit.

While there is no reading fee, your tip in the tip jar is deeply appreciated.


d. ellis phelps