We are especially interested in the metaphysically broad; we look for the profound, real, fearless, gender-inclusive, curious voice.

Please submit from one to three poems or one piece of short fiction or creative non-fiction in one .docx file using the titles of your submission as the file name. Use single-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font.  Please do not put any identifiers inside the file itself. Please do not use any special formatting except as it is necessary for elucidating the poem's meaning and or style. Poems may be of any length on the theme of woodlands & elementals: nature, spirits, magic, myth: moss, moisture, fungi, toads, nematodes, mushrooms, humus, rot, soil, leaves, bark, understory, bear, serpent, bird, hike, lost, trail, snogging, microbial, mycorrhizal, mystery, nymph, dryad, gnome, caldron, circle dance, alchemy, enchantment, fairies, fantasy, trolls, elves, unicorns, Boabab, Bodhi, Yew, Artemis, Gaia, Mother.  The prose or CNF should be no more than 2,000 words.

If you are submitting a work of art, please submit a jpeg with an artist's statement about the image in the artist's statement section. If we choose your work for publication, we will ask for a print-ready image (large file) at that time.

Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press