We are especially interested in the metaphysically broad; we look for the profound, real, fearless, gender-inclusive, curious voice.

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d. ellis phelps, editor

 please.  please. be kind enough to read these submission guides before submitting. 

We are currently reading for the Spring 2020 issue of fws:  journal of literature & art on the theme of "tenderness/loving/caring/&hope." 

This is an experimental form:  evolutionary-lit...

1) Read the current issue in its evolving form here.

2)Write lines (or a whole poem) that evolves from the last stanza/lines or one of the last stanzas/lines in the last poem(s) published.  This is all about echoes... 


4) we will publish work as it is selected, updating the issue daily or as soon as new work arrives

5) follow formidableWoman.org and formidableWomanSanctuary on FaceBook for updates.

Please do not submit simultaneously and do not submit previously published work.

 Work accepted for publication will be featured in the Spring 2020 edition of fws: journal of literature & art  online and may be published in a future print collection on MagCloud or other print on demand format.  Your submission here grants permission for the print publication as well.  Rights remain with the author/artist with the agreement to credit formidable woman  and fws: journal of literature & art as having first published the work.

 Work by any writer or artist over the age of eighteen is welcome.

Please submit ONE poem that leaps from or even, preferably includes, the last stanza or line of the last poem published in the evolving issue within a word document using Times New Roman 12 point font, single spaced, except where spacing is used to create form and meaning.  Kindly remove all text embellishments for example, bold text, all caps, or columns.

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Deadline for the Spring 2020 issue:  ongoing until it has completed its evolution (July 10 tentatively), but don't wait to see what happens.  Be bold!   Submit below now.

d. ellis phelps, managing editor

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